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Hearst-Argyle Denies Discrimination Claims

Hearst-Argyle Television responded late last week to the discrimination lawsuit filed by three KMBC Kansas City anchors. Kelly Eckerman, Peggy Breit and Maria Albisu-Twyman (on-air name last Antonia) have alleged a "pattern and practice" of discrimination of women over 40 at the station, along with "threats, intimidation and disrespect" directed toward those women. 

A Hearst-Argyle lawyer responded that "the company is and has always been an equal opportunity employer and neither tolerates nor practices discrimination or harassment of any kind." 

Kelly Eckerman

According to the Kansas City Star:

Eckerman is 48 and has worked at KMBC for more than 18 years. Breit is 54 and has worked there for 27 years. Antonia is 49 and has been there for 25 years. They continue to work at the station.

Eckerman and Antonia contend they were demoted as anchors even as much older men kept their anchor positions and younger women were promoted.