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'Good Day New York' Hits West Virginia

WNYW New York is taking a unique approach to Mother’s Day. Tomorrow morning, Good Day New York reporter Jodi Applegate investigates the life of her secretive mother on the anniversary of her mom’s death. 

Applegate visits her birthplace, Wheeling, West Virginia, to gather info on her mother, who died of cancer when Applegate was 17. A few peculiar details emerge from Applegate’s past: she was conceived while her mother was single, her mother hid the pregnancy, and later returned to Wheeling, Jodi in tow, telling all (including Jodi) that she’d adopted the baby. Applegate did not learn that her mother was her birth mother until after she died.

If nothing else, it’s a refreshing change from the same-old ‘take Mom to brunch’ segments on the news.