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GodTube Relaunched as

Former Bear Stearns broadcast analyst Victor Miller, who shifted over to the Christian video site upon the demise of Bear, tells me his current employer,, has relaunched as The site still has videos, but it’s more of a social network for the Christian community and the various churches and ministries nationwide. may not sound like a very religious name, but Miller, the company’s chief service officer, explains that the T symbolizes a cross, followed by “angle”, as in, Christian angle.

Miller said this about what compelled him to shift to a far different atmosphere than Wall Street when we interviewed him in July: “My spiritual side has always been very important to me. Mixing my business/media expertise and my spirituality is a natural mix.”

He says offers the communicate-with-friends aspects of Facebook with the promote-your-band aspects of MySpace–all in a family-friendly setting.