Get Those GM/News Director/Multiplatform Bcaster of the Year Nominations In!!

The deadline for nominating a station general manager of the year/news director of the year/multiplatform broadcaster of the year is this Friday, Nov. 18th, so get them in.

Who did a truly kick-butt job of running a TV station this year, or getting a news operation humming and clicking, or making the most of social media and subchannels and the rest of the digital platform offshoots available to local broadcasters?

Let us know, with real, tangible things the person did this year that stood out. (Hint: Telling us they’re a great leader and an inspired broadcaster won’t win them the honors. Give us actual bullet points about things they accomplished, programs they launched, etc.)

And, in case you’re wondering, the winners don’t have to buy tables at a banquet, or fly to New York, or do anything that hits the wallet for budget-minded broadcasters, which is–let’s face it–all of you. It’s just a straight-up honor–a profile in the Dec. 19 issue about the individual, and what they accomplished to set themselves apart from their peers this year.

Click this link for all the details regarding the nomination process. 

Michael Malone, senior content producer at B+C/Multichannel News, covers network programming, including entertainment, news and sports on broadcast, cable and streaming; and local broadcast television. He hosts the podcasts Busted Pilot, about what’s new in television, and Series Business, a chat with the creator of a new program, and writes the column “The Watchman.” He joined B+C in 2005. His journalism has also appeared in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Playboy and New York magazine.