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Fox Minnesota Salutes the Mullet

Perhaps the mullet is an old joke (or maybe I’m just sensitive to it, and if you’ve glimpsed my high school yearbook, you know why). But I still like the “Hockey Hair Challenge” on KMSP Minneapolis’s site.

Hailing Minnesota as the “State of Hockey,” FoxPreps invites all users to submit photos of them sporting their best “Hockey Hair” (also known as the ShortInFrontLongInBack [SIFLIB], or the Ape Drape, or the Achy-Breaky Haircut, or some other stuff).

Photos will be up on the site until Feb. 27, and he (or, I guess, she) with the most votes wins the grand prize, which includes haircuts for a year with sponsor Great Clips, $500 from Westwood Sports, and some other swell stuff.

And for those who mock those who wore the mullet, well, all I have to say is Bono had one at the Live-Aid concert back in ‘85. And he’s pretty cool.

[Bono image from NPR]