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Former WINK Anchor Voted into Congress

Former WINK Fort Myers anchor Trey Radel is onto bigger things, winning a seat in the U.S. House of Reps in Tuesday’s elections.

TVSpy reports that Radel elevated his profile on radio after departing local TV:

Radel stepped away from WINK in 2010, saying at the time that his passion was politics and that he had never “felt more compelled than right now to get involved.” He went on to be a conservative radio host before announcing his candidacy for the House. 

WINK’s report on Radel’s win does not mention Radel’s time at the station. 

“There are ways we can work together as a country aside from R and D and Independents can all get together to get this economy back on track and get rid of this debt that threatens the very existence of our country,” Radel said.

He’ll represent southwest Florida.