Former KPRC 'Weatherman' Woos Bachelorette

You may have seen the TV weatherman, Jonathan Novack, on the newest installment of The Bachelorette on ABC. Novack, 30, has been in local news for some time, including stints at WSVN Miami and, most recently, KPRC Houston. A rep at KPRC says Novack left the station a few months ago–presumably to shoot The Bachelorette.

He’ll be on the show tonight with the rest of the hopeful, well-scrubbed white guys vying for Ali’s attention. Novack had a rough time of it on last week (c’mon, my wife was watching it), as he was mocked by the thuggish Craig M., who repeatedly referred to Novack with a sneering “Weeeatherrrrmaaaan“–playing up the stereotype of the blow-dried, no-nothing weather dude.

The two actually seemed pretty close to coming to blows. Come to think of it, a couple guys competing for a pretty blonde girl, a little alcohol involved…maybe it’s not that surprising.

Novack was openly challenged by the doofus Craig M., and talked a tough game about how he really didn’t want to deck the guy. (Craig M. is in “dental sales”, so I guess he can knock your teeth out, then sell you a new set. That’s a handy skill set.)

It sounds as though Novack has had some anger management issues in the past, according to a report on that’s making the rounds. The report says Novack and fellow weather guy Tom Johnston got physical several years ago while at WSVN, resulting in Johnston losing his job.

Novack looks like he got Craig M. booted too last week, after telling bachelorette Ali what a dirtbag Craig was.

I spoke with a couple people who worked with Novack over the years, and they didn’t have much positive to say about the guy, whatever that’s worth. The best I got out of them was a lukewarm “we all wish him the best” out of Miami.

OK, I’ve written enough about Bachelorette hopefuls today. Back to work. Best of luck, Weatherman.

Michael Malone

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