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Ernie Bjorkman's New 'Pet' Project

Former KWGN Denver anchor Ernie Bjorkman emerged as the face of the laid-off star anchor since his departure from the station in December (see cover story, “Dawn of the Post ‘Star Anchor’ Era”). After getting A1 treatment in The New York Times and the Denver dailies, he showed up on 20/20 and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.Bjorkman, 58, was the classic old-school newsman, a 36-year veteran who was well respected in Denver. But what made his story unique was his new career choice: Bjorkman was taking classes to be a veterinary technician. He passed his national certification test last month and is now sending out resumes.

But Bjorkman hasn’t entirely left TV. He’s now hosting a closed-circuit program called Pet Tales that will air in veterinary waiting rooms around the country. That trademark mellifluous voice (Rocky Mountain News called it a “smooth baritone;” The Times went with “self-assured baritone”) will report on everything from pet health to the latest pet-related technology.

Pet Tales debuts this month in the Denver area; Bjorkman says it will go statewide and perhaps national after that. Stressing that his top priority is to help sick animals, he says, “Although I’ve left the anchor desk, I’m still dabbling in the TV world.”