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Detroit Stations All Over Bashara Murder

Detroit is buzzing with an awful murder story, and the stations in DMA No. 11 are all over it in real time.

Jane Bashara was murdered in Grosse Pointe Park, a wealthy suburb of Detroit that almost never sees homicides, last week.

A little after 4 p.m. ET today, her widower, Bob Bashara, addressed the scrum of media outside his home for the first time. The teary husband, a suspect in the case (though no charges have been brought against him), called it “an inconceivable tragedy,” and asked the public “for your continued prayers and support and respect for our privacy.”

The press conference ran about two minutes, and Bashara, who addressed the media with his son and mother at his side, was firm in not taking questions from the media assembled on his lawn.

Post-Newsweek’s WDIV has the somber presser here. 

Fox owned WJBK has the best video, getting up closer on Bob’s emotional expressions, with stronger audio. (Not exactly sure what he meant when he said how “wonderful this has been for us,” but he’s obviously going through a terrible time.)

Here’s Scripps-owned WXYZ’s video. 

Those following the case closely are of course venting their opinions in the stations’ comments section, making for some lively discourse.

Twitter is of course coming in handy for a breaking news story such as this. Tweeted WDIV (@Local4News): LIVE NOW: Bob Bashara is speaking, calling his wife’s murder a ‘horrific event’.