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Covering the Coverage: WCBS

The WCBS New York 6 p.m. program has a funny bit on what New Yorkers did to occupy themselves while on line at the polling station. One guy sings to himself. One woman brought her own chair. Someone else meditated, and a young mother prayed her baby, asleep in a frontpack, would remain asleep. 

The newscast then shifted to what an Obama presidency would mean to black Christians, as morning anchor Maurice Dubois interviewed a half dozen people seated in a half circle, and what a McCain win would mean for war veterans at a post in New Jersey. 

We’ve still got no real exit poll info, but we do know the candidates’ favorite movies: Obama likes The Godfather, and McCain prefers Viva Zapata. 

During a break at 6:15, we’ve finally got Katie Couric promising to "break down the exit polls" with Bob Schieffer and Jeff Greenfield.