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Chicago Trib Profiles Sabin, Me-TV

Me-TV continues its run of hot publicity with a profile of Neal Sabin, Weigel vice chairman and Me-TV mastermind, in the Chicago Tribune. Sabin talks about programming his own "fantasy TV stations" as a kid, and splicing together hour-long reels to show on his dad's home movie projector at birthday parties. Starting that little business as a 5th grader, it continued into high school, and made Sabin some actual cash.

Decades later, Sabin has again found some riches in vintage television. Me-TV, darling of the crowded multicast bunch, traces its genesis to Weigel's WWME, a Chicago low power that began airing a bunch of oldies when sister WCIU didn't have room on the schedule.

Sabin seems to have identified the one thing that works on the digi-net tier: classic TV programs. The lineup of similarly themed multicast channels, such as Antenna TV and Cozi TV, reinforces the notion.

His formula is pretty basic.

"There's some research. There's my history. There's my gut," Sabin tells the Tribune.

The Boston Globe penned a paean to classic TV, and Me-TV, last week.