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Chicago News Leader Fends Off Air Assault

Is the news battle in Chicago soaring to new heights, or perhaps sinking to new lows? Not likely, but it's still fun to imagine that the stations are spying on each other with drones. Chuck Goudie, WLS investigative team ace, spotted a drone caught in chicken wire outside the ABC station's headquarters. "NEWS SPIES?" he writes on Facebook. 

"Timing of the incident is very suspect right before the May ratings," quipped Goudie, before name-checking WBBM, WMAQ and WGN.

One commenter said drones make lousier spies than Aldrich Ames.

"They are loud as living hell & have bright flashing lights. They aren't used for spying," posted Mike Brooks.

Goudie told the fittingly titled TVSpy: “If it was indeed one of our competitors I presume they would have plastered it with a logo such as Drone5HD or CBS2WhirlyView. There is no logo.”