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Cano-Rumor Reporter Out at WSOC

Dan Tordjman, the WSOC Charlotte reporter who erroneously tweeted that Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano may have tested positive for steroids, has left the station a year into his tenure there, reports The Charlotte Observer.

Mark Washburn writes:

He hasn’t been on air since the Sept. 20 incident, and Channel 9 aired a correction and apology for Tordjman’s personal post last week. He had been with station for a year. …

TVSpy notes that Tordjman’s bio has been scrubbed from the station site. 

The sports blog network has the initial tweet, and Tordjman’s subsequent attempts at damage control on Twitter.

Can’t confirm this but I’m hearing that Robinson #Cano tested positive for PEDs. Announcement from #MLB coming shortly. #Yankees

- Dan Tordjman (@DanTordjman) September 20, 2012

Take a deep breath folks. I stated I “could not confirm” the #Cano PED report. Just.a rumor. Stay tuned. #MLB

- Dan Tordjman (@DanTordjman) September 20, 2012

Good God. Everyone calm down. Don’t know how clearly I can state it - I HAVE NO CONFIRMATION THAT CANO PED RUMOR IS TRUE.

- Dan Tordjman (@DanTordjman) September 20, 2012

Tordjman’s most recent tweet, on October 4, strikes a more remorseful, less indignant tone:

I shouldn’t have posted false info about #Cano, and afterward, I should’ve admitted it was false and apologized right away. I am very sorry.  

Presumably PED-free, Cano assumes second base for the Yankees in Game 5 of the ALDS this eve.