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Boston's Mish Michaels: 'I Am Not a Climate Change Denier'

Mish Michaels, the Boston science reporter reportedly fired last week by PBS affiliate WGBH for her stances on climate change and vaccines, is trying to set the record straight.

On Wednesday, the former WBZ meteorologist issued a statement saying that her position on climate change in particular has been distorted, and she does not dismiss the phenomenon.

“I am not a climate change denier,” Michaels said. “I never stated that humans do not have an influence on our climate.”

Michaels said the statement that allegedly contributed to her dismissal was posted on her website,, in 2009, and has been misconstrued.

“My point at the time in 2009 was that natural influences appeared to be more significant than manmade ones,” she said. “Scientists are trying to determine the human impact and how to mitigate or adapt to shifts in our complex climate puzzle. I have deep respect for climate scientists and their challenging mission.”

The Boston Globe reports Michaels, who was hired to work on WGBH’s Greater Boston, was let go after colleagues raised concerns about her stance on climate change and a possible link between vaccinations and autism.