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Boob Tube

My biggest laugh of the day came from the clip of WBKO Bowling Green weatherman Chris Allen doing either humorous or obscene things, depending on your sensibility, to a screen graphic of a woman’s breast. It’s a segment on breast milk donors, and Allen presumably didn’t think the tape was rolling. What I like best is the sheepish look on Allen’s face, like a boy who just got caught by his mom kissing the models in a Sears catalog. 

Well, Chris, you DID get caught. Congrats, you’re a YouTube hero. 

Wayne Martin, S.V.P. of parent Gray TV, says the clip is several years old and, while it was obviously caught on tape, never actually aired. He says it was the work of a former employee. "We know who did it and we know why they did it, and we’ll leave it at that," he says. 

Martin called the prank "stupid and irresponsible," but said it was handled internally and Allen would continue to provide information to Bowling Green viewers.