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Bloody Promo Wars in NYC

With today marking the launch of WNBC New York’s new lifestyle program, LX New York, at 5, Fox O&O WNYW takes a shot at its NBC O&O competition with a promo about the death of 5 p.m. news on WNBC.

The 20-second promo starts with a NYPD cruiser skidding into a crime scene. A detective and a plain-clothes step under the police tape and examine the victim–a TV with a smashed screen.

“One station just killed its 5 p.m. newscast,” the voiceover says in its best noir. “Now that’s a crime!”

The voiceover then tells the viewer that 5 p.m. news on Fox 5 is “still very much alive.”

I’m a wee bit surprised WNYW didn’t call out WNBC by name, seeing as the typical viewer probably doesn’t know which of the stations is scrapping its 5 p.m. news as of today.

Unless, of course, the typical viewer reads B&C.