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Billy Joel's NBC New York State of Mind

NY Nonstop turns back the clock, then turns it back a little more, then turns it back just a wee bit more tomorrow, when Billy Joel visits Chuck Scarborough during Chuck’s 7 p.m. news on the WNBC digital channel August 18.

The Piano Man is appearing to promote his documentary, “The Last Play at Shea,” about the last performances at Shea Stadium before the Mets’ home was knocked to the ground.

The film will premier at the Mets’ new home, Citi Field, on Saturday the 21st. Rumors say Joel is also being considered for the Mets’ now vacant closer job.

NY Nonstop viewers are encouraged to take part in the Megaphone Trivia game during Scarborough’s newscast. Twenty five winners of the cellphone-based game, which will feature trivia about Joel’s life and career, will win a block of 10 tickets apiece.

I actually thought about sprinkling this blog post with references to a dozen or so Billy Joel songs–”You May Be Right” and “Pressure” certainly seemed to fit for the trivia game part, maybe even “Big Shot” too. I’m a Long Island kid, so I’m sure I could’ve pulled it off. But I’m feeling a bit too lazy. Sorry.

Speaking of Nonstop, former WNBC chief Tom O’Brien had been heading up NBC Local Media’s Nonstop division, tasked with launching Nonstop-branded digital channels in the NBC-owned markets. Last week he took a job as chief revenue officer at CNBC.