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Big Presence in Little Victoria

How about that little broadcast juggernaut taking shape down in DMA No. 204?

As we reported here yesterday, CBS inked an affiliation deal with Saga Communications for its KXTS to air CBS in Victoria, Texas, which is six spots from the bottom of Nielsen’s 210 DMA hierarchy. KXTS is currently a MyNetworkTV affiliate; there is no CBS affiliate in the market at present time.

But Saga has just about every other affiliation in Victoria.

“We’re very excited about it,” Victoria Television Group President Jeff Pryor told the Victoria Advocate. “I think we’re the only television group in the country that has all four major networks - and Telemundo and Univision - all under one roof.”

The CBS partnership officially kicks off September 12. Surtsey Productions owns the Fox affiliate and airs Telemundo on its dot-two; based on the previous quote from Pryor, it sounds like he manages/houses Fox affil KVCT too. (I have an email in to him to find out.)

Reports the Advocate:

Victoria Television Group will consider adding some news product to the CBS station once it is up and running, Pryor said, noting that KENS, a San Antonio CBS station, should continue to air on cable channel five.