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Baltimore Will Wait for LPMs

A tricky shift to digital-only television means the Baltimore stations will have to wait a few more days for Local People Meters, reports MediaPost.

Nielsen just launched the controversial LPMs in Pittsburgh and Portland, Ore. Baltimore was on the launch list too, but will now have to wait.

A “very difficult conversion to digital television” in Charm City means Nielsen will hold off on Baltimore until July 7.  

“Nielsen is taking a few extra days to further examine audience trends (before and after the DTV conversion; LPM and Set Meter samples) to ensure the accuracy of the LPM service. Our evaluation so far has not turned up any problems. However, given the current market situation we believe a prudent course of action is most appropriate,” Nielsen said in a notice to clients.

Most stations probably wouldn’t mind holding off on the LPMs. As one GM in an LPM market told me recently, the fewer ratings points of a people meter market is like shifting from Fahrenheit to Celsius.