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'Action 25 News' a Scam

A would-be "consumer reporter" for "Action 25 News" is using the fake TV station to scam people, reports WCPO Cincinnati

John Matarese writes: Consumers across the country are being directed, through online job searches, to a webpage for "Consumer Reporter Dave Howard." He works for "Action 25 News" in Macon Georgia…and is listed on their website along with their anchor team (great looking people for a tiny TV market!) and even the local weather forecast.

Only problem: Dave Howard and "Action 25 News" don’t exist! The BBB says "Action 25" is a fake TV station. with a bogus website, set up for the sole purpose of selling a work at home program.

Scam victims are paying $250 for a work at home kit endorse by "Consumer Reporter Dave Howard," who says just about any knucklehead can earn up to $85,000 a year. 

As we reported in the current B&C, WCPO works side by side with, the former daily paper relaunched as a Website this year. Unlike "Action 25 News," both are positively legit news outfits.