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Potential Cord Cutters Like Discovery, History, FX

Discovery Channel, History Channel and FX are key networks to cable subscribers who might cut the cord, according to a survey by Beta Research.

Beta found that 34% of adults were categories as extremely or very interested in dropping cable and watching only programming available on computers and tablet from streaming providers such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

When those potential cord cutters were asked which networks were important to their enjoyment of cable, 51% cited Discovery Channel, History and FX. A&E, Food Network and Comedy Central were named by 48%. AMC and TNT got 47% of the respondents, followed by ESPN at 46%.

ESPN and Food Network were at the top of the list when adults were asked to name their five favorite basic cable networks. Also ranking high were Discovery Channel, AMC, FX, History, TNT, A&E USA Network and Comedy Central

Beta also asked viewers about the value the perceived in the channels they get. Disney Junior finished first at $2.03, followed by ESPN and ESPNU at $1.87. The rest of the top 11 (there was a tie for 10th place) were Golf Channel, Disney Channel, National Geographic Channel, Nickelodeon, AMC, ESPN2, HGTV and Investigation Discovery..