You.i TV Puts Bigger Target on TV-Connected Platforms

You.i TV, a company that specializes in video apps and interfaces, said it is extending its work around React Native to a range of TV-connected platforms, including Roku devices, gaming consoles and smart TVs.

React Native is a Facebook-backed open source JavaScript project/development framework.

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You.i TV said it will use CES 2018 (at the C-Space exhibit at the Aria) to demo how this approach, underpinned by the You.i Engine One, can bring a high-end user experience to 10-foot platforms (including Roku) using the same code portability and efficiently that React Native enables on mobile platforms.

“While React Native is proving its worth in mobile, limitations on app scope, device reach and UX workflows lessen its value in broader cross-platform environments,” Andrew Emmons, VP of product for You.i TV, said in a statement.

“Roku stands as an integral part of any successful direct-to-consumer strategy,” added Jason Flick, CEO and co-founder of You.i TV.  “We believe that bringing React Native and Roku  together is a breakthrough for 10-foot cross platform strategies that can immediately improve the consumer experience.”

Last fall, You.i TV announced a $12 million "B" round led by Time Warner Investments.