You.i TV Aims to Streamline Video’s Shift to Multiple Screens

Looking to expand its market opportunities, You.i TV has launched a “out-of-box” platform that enables programmers and distributors to build and deploy video interfaces for a variety of screen types using a single codebase.

With that pre-packaged/pre-configured product, called You.i Engine One,  the company claims it can halve the development effort needed to bring on-demand and TV Everywhere services to smartphones, tablets and TV-connected streaming platforms.

You.i TV said it also allows partners some customization and configuration options, including core views, animation, search ratings and recommendations, using Adobe After Effects.

The approach could open the door to more deals for You.i TV, which already works with Turner Broadcasting, Sony, Rogers Communications, Corus Entertainment and the Canadian Football League, among others.

You.i TV, a company based in Ottawa, secured $15 million in funding last fall.