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Xfinity Mobile Reaches 1M Lines Served

Comcast reported the addition of 228,000 lines of service for Xfinity Mobile in the third quarter, bringing the wireless service’s distribution to 1 million lines.

Comcast launched its mobile service in early 2017, leveraging an MVNO relationship with Verizon and supplementing coverage with its network of millions of Wi-Fi hotspots.

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The No. 1 U.S. cable operator ended 2017 with 380,000 lines deployed. Comcast executives said the growth is occurring in relationship with the steep spike in Comcast wireline broadband sales, which tallied a remarkable 366,000 customer additions in Q3.

"We are pleased with our progress in mobile, and while it's still relatively early, the results we see are supportive of our key objectives when we entered the wireless business, including deepening the relationship with, and improving the retention of, broadband customers," Comcast CFO Michael Cavanagh said during Thursday’s earnings call.