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VidAngel Releases Full Season of 'The Chosen'

VidAngel, which streams values-based content, is aiming to break Game of Thrones' billion-view record with a series about the resident of another kind of throne.

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The company has released the entire first season of The Chosen, comprising eight episodes of stories on characters whose lives were changed by encountering Jesus. The company is billing it as the first series released globally all at once on its own app.

It released the first four episodes last April.

VidAngel crowd-funded the series--it raised over $10 million, which it says is a record and now is looking to draw a crowd to it via a "Pay It Forward" feature of the app, with which viewers can send the series to others around the world. "Together we can help make The Chosen the most watched global series in history," according to  VidAngel, which said it is already the top entertainment download in eight countries.

VidAngel said that "beta testing" of the series has already resulted in 1.2 million views and over 250,000 downloads.

VidAngel formerly edited TV show and movei DVDs to create what they argue are family friendlier versions of Hollywood fare, but a court injunction caused the company to shift to filtering language and content for streamed versions on Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO via iOS, Android and Roku.

VidAngel's filtering app can be tailored to filter out language, nudity, violence, "trigger scenes," or any combination thereof.