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Verizon Wireless to Field Souped-Up EV-DO

As promised, Verizon Wireless is taking its next big broadband step, announcing that it will tap gear from Nortel Networks to build its Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A network.

EV-DO Rev. A is an update of the EV-DO technology that will significantly boost throughput, particularly for upstream data flowing from the user to the local base station.

In tests, Nortel’s EV-DO Rev. A network systems have delivered downstream data rates of 3.1 megabits per second and 1.8 mbps upstream, compared with Verizon’s existing EV-DO network, which delivers an average of 400-700 kilobits per second downstream and 144 kbps upstream.

Nortel will start delivering the EV-DO Rev. A equipment later this quarter. Verizon is also testing new applications for EV-DO Rev. A, including push-to talk, hybrid fixed-mobile systems, voice over Internet protocol and messaging.

"Successful trials of EV-DO Rev. A have demonstrated the technology's potential for taking the Verizon Wireless broadband experience to new heights," Verizon Wireless vice president of network planning Ed Salas said. "We look forward to continuing to bring new services to the market based on our enhanced network capabilities."