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TWC Bringing Uber-Like Capability to ‘TechTracker’

Adding a capability that’s been popular with ride-hailing services such as Uber, Time Warner Cable said it’s testing a feature on its TWC TechTracker tool that will let customers track a tech’s exact location while they are en route to a service appointment.

TWC is testing the new feature in Southern California and expects to launch it across its footprint by the end of May. The operator developed the capability via a partnership with Glympse, a company that specializes in providing temporary, dynamic location services.

Comcast and Dish Network have also introduced similar capabilities.

The MSO launched its TechTracker mobile app last year as part of a broader effort focused on customer service and experience improvements and enhancements.

TWC said the enhanced version of TechTracker tool with Glympse’s technology provides customers with a unique Web link, valid only for their service appointment, delivered via text or email (whichever the customer prefers). Once the tech is en route, the customer will see the progress on a live map, show the route, and provide an estimated time of arrival. The tool also supplies the customer with the technician’s first name, photo and identification number. The unique web link expires once the technician arrives at the appointment location.

“We continue to give our customers simple ways to easily manage service appointments on their own time and in their own way,” said John Keib, TWC’s EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Residential Services, said in a statement. “Utilizing Glympse's location sharing technology significantly enhances the in-home customer service experience and reinforces our commitment to on-time appointment arrivals. By providing real-time updates, it allows customers to conveniently plan for their appointments and eliminate any wonder about when the technician will arrive.”