Dish Launches ‘My Tech’

Seizing on a growing customer service trend among top MVPDs,  Dish Network has launched My Tech, a Web-based tool that provides customers with real-time status updates on their service appointments.

Similar in some ways to Comcast’s recently expanded Tech ETA feature for its My Account app, Dish’s My Tech enhancement, offered at, lets subs track the arrival of service tech’s while they’re on the road via an interactive digital map. Additionally, My Tech provides other information such as the tech’s name and picture an hour before their estimated arrival.

Dish said My Tech is proprietary software created by the company that incorporates Google Maps’ location access interface.

This video shows My Tech in action:

“We recognize that people want control of their own time and DISH’s My Tech tool helps them get on with their day without waiting on the TV guy,” said Erik Carlson, Dish’s executive vice president of operations, in a statement. “A minute-by-minute countdown and interactive map allow the customer to track their DISH technician to determine when to leave work or if they have time to run to the store.”