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Turner Focuses Research on Younger Viewers

Younger consumers of media, specifically Millennials and their successors, dubbed "Plurals," were the focus of a conference Turner Broadcasting System hosted Wednesday (Jan. 13).

Turner owns cable networks Adults Swim, which is dominant among millennial viewers, and Cartoon Network, which last year grew its ratings with kids.

 Younger viewers are at the forefront of changing media habits as consumers choose from a widening array of content whenever they want on an array of digital devices. That’s making monetizing content through advertising more and more challenging.

Turner called its conference “Deep Shift: Dealing With Disruption & the Young Media Consumer” and featured speakers in research, advertising and programming, as well as members of the generations under discussion, who provided first-hand insights into how they make their media choices.

“Our goal is to become a trusted advisor to our partners and share what we learn about the marketplace,” said Howard Shimmel, COO of Turner, which is aggressively trying to become a thought leader when it comes to young consumers and advertising effectiveness as it completes with Disney and Viacom’s Nickelodeon.

Turner on Tuesday (Jan. 12) also announced plans to start an Ad Lab that will work with research companies, ad tech companies and media buyers to study issues including advertising loads and branded content.