Toni Collette 'Look-Mom's-a-Spy!' Thriller 'Pieces of Her' Loses Legs in Week 2 - Netflix Global Top 10

Netflix original series 'Pieces of Her'
Toni Collette tells her 'Pieces of Her' co-star Bella Heathcote, 'No way we're getting picked up for Season 2.' (Image credit: Netflix)

Complicated stories about imprisoned Eastern European grifters faking society clout? Those seem to have more enduring audience power than the steadily unfolding kick-ass past of a suburban mom played by one-time Oscar contender Toni Collette.

Indeed, Netflix's Pieces of Her, a seemingly True Lies-influenced new original series starring Collette as an ostensibly very regular middle-aged woman, but with a unique set of skills honed over some very long, mysterious career, drew just over 40 million hours of viewing time during its second full week on Netflix's global platform, March 14-20.

That performance doesn't render Pieces of Her a bomb, considering it was Netflix's not original show for with 97.2 million viewing hours of the week of March 7-13. However, it doesn't reveal the kind of audience power of, say, the aforementioned Shonda Rhimes-produced limited series Inventing Anna, which debuted a month earlier, and led all Netflix viewing for four straight weeks, peaking at a seven-day performance of over 195 million viewing hours. 

The Season 5 debut of UK-produced Norse-settler-themed series The Last Kingdom was actually the most watched English-language series on Netflix for the week of March 14-20, garnering nearly 49 million hours of streaming. 

Ryan Reynolds comedy-action film The Adam Project was Netflix's most watched show of any kind, capturing nearly 85.4 million viewing hours in its second week on the platform. 

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