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TiVo Developing ‘Mavrik’ OTA-Cloud DVR

TiVo's future on the retail front wasn’t a big topic on the company’s recent Q3 call, but the company appears to be working on an over-the-air/cloud DVR product that would look to find a home with cord-cutters and compete in the market with products such as the Tablo.

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Based on a trove of documentation about a new device and Android app that is hiding out in the open on the Web, gadget blogger Dave Zatz concludes that TiVo is working on a platform that will let consumers capture OTA TV signals and store recordings in the cloud. Users apparently will be able to access those recordings via the app.

Per a description of a new TiVo app, it will feature a TV program guide, OTA live streaming, cloud DVR access and will work in tandem with the “Diskless Cloud DVR TiVo Device Mantis.”

“This is under development, will be downloaded and tested by TiVo employees who are on the development team for this app or in integration team for hardware,” the descriptpoin continues.

TV Predictions was first to notice that TiVo had filed a trademark application for Mavrik in October, along with a web site that walks-through the setup for the product.  

There’s no word yet on a possible launch date or possible pricing on the Mavrik.

TiVo, which completed its merger with Rovi in September, didn’t deny that the product is in the works.

“While TiVo does not comment on speculation, the company is constantly developing new innovations that fuel the user experience and allow consumers to stay connected to their favorite entertainment,” the company said in a statement.

In September, Zatz found other FCC documents pointing to a TiVo product called “Mantis” that was described as a “network DVR” that’s capable of receiving over-the-air TV signals and transcoding them before shuttling them along to another device for viewing using a wireless or wired connection.

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“[I]t’s fairly clear that the unannounced, unreleased TiVo Mantis has gone through something of a rebrand,” Zatz said in reference to the new evidence pointing to Mavrik.