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TI Debuts Mobile DVR Capability

Texas Instruments came up with a new product that it promised will bring digital-video-recorder capabilities to mobile devices.

In a demonstration at the International Broadcasting Convention 2006 show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this week, TI and partners PacketVideo and Silicon & Software Systems will show how TI’s Hollywood Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld (DVB-H) chip and OMAP 2 silicon can provide what it claims is the industry’s first mobile DVR. PacketVideo’s pvTV software will also add picture-in-picture capability, allowing a viewer to see two video streams -- either live broadcast content or stored personal video -- at the same time.

Bringing DVR function to mobile devices will allow consumers to access the programming they want independent of live programming schedules.

“Consumers are hooked on personalized content, with consumer adoption for personal video recording growing at exponential rates, said Marc Cetto, general manager of TI’s mobile-connectivity-solutions business. The new DVR features “give users access to their personalized content anytime, anywhere, in the palms of their hands,” he added.

The added DVR and picture-in-picture capabilities are expected to be integrated into handsets and available to consumers in 2007.