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Survey: Reruns Are Big Draw for Streaming Subs

What If Media
(Image credit: What If Media)

Don't tell streaming services pouring billions into original content, but according to a new survey from What If Media Group, reruns appear to be a bigger driver of subscriptions.

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According to a new survey, 29% said they would be willing to subscribe "just to re-watch a favorite TV series," compared to 26.5% who said they would do so to access a new show.

What If said that the finding could be a byproduct of pandemic fatigue and the desire for the comfort of familiarity in uncertain times.

It is younger viewers who are more likely to sign up for a service to get an old favorite, with 38.5% of the 20-29 age group saying that was the case.

“While older viewers grew up with the concept of appointment TV, on-demand content has been the norm for younger generations,” said Jordan Cohen, chief marketing officer at What If Media Group. “As such, I would expect to see streaming companies continue to pursue acquisitions of tried-and-true franchises to bolster their appeal to these groups."

"While Netflix was criticized in some quarters for spending some $500 million in 2019 to acquire the rights to stream Seinfeld," said What If, "it may well be a valuable tool in attracting subscribers to make the switch from Hulu, which previously held the rights."

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The survey was conducted online in the U.S. March 2, 2021 among 2,097 adults. The margin of error (to a 99% confidence level) is plus or minus 2.5%.