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‘Super Users’ More Engaged Than TV, Digital-Only Viewers

New research into cross-platform TV viewership finds that while streaming helps reach more viewers, it also creates additional engagement for traditional TV by consumers it dubbed “Super Users.”

According to the report, entitled Total View: Measuring the Changing Video Landscape, from the Coalition for Innovating Media Measurement and comScore, viewers who watch on both TV and online are more engaged than TV-only users.

The report looked at viewers who watched TV only, viewers who consumed content online only, and those that do both for 10 networks.

“A clear trend that emerged from this Study was that of the multi-platform 'Super User.; Viewers who watched the network on TV and visited the respective network online watched far more of that network on TV," the report said.

“The story of the engaged consumer held true for all 10 networks in the study,” the report added. “Across the networks TV+Digital multi-platform consumers on average viewed 52% more of the network’s content on TV compared to TV Only consumers."

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