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'Stranger Things' Has the Second Biggest Week Ever on Netflix - The Global Top 10

Netflix original series 'Stranger Things'
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Netflix original series Stranger Things is on its way to being to being the most watched program on the global streaming service ever. No matter how you slice the lentil. 

Last week, the first seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 generated just over 335 million hours of streaming across 170 countries measured by Netflix. That ranks as the biggest week for a single season of an English-language show ever on Netflix, surpassing Stranger Things Season 4's boffo 286.8 million-hour debut a week prior. 

The youth-driven sci-fi series actually drew more than 515 million hours of streaming from May 30 - June across all four volumes of the show. Only one show has ever had a bigger week -- Season 1 of Korean horror/sci-fi sensation Squid Game drew over 571 million streaming hours from September 27 - October 3 last year. 

In its weekly "Top 10" report, Netflix benchmarks its shows by seasons. And its "all-time" lists are determined by performance in the first 28 days on the platform. 

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By this accounting, Squid Game Season 1 is Netflix's all-time most popular show, with over 1.7 billion viewing hours in four weeks last fall. 

However, Netflix recently changed a rule for shows like Stranger Things, which release seasons in segments. With the final two episodes of Stranger Things: Season 4 debuting July 1, the fourth season will get another 28-day shot clock this summer. 

That should vault Stranger Things past Squid Game as Netflix's all-time most popular series, using the service's coin of the realm. 

The massive performance of Stranger Things has blotted out the sun for a somewhat successful debut of Michael Connelly adaptation The Lincoln Lawyer, which technically finished in fifth place behind all four volumes of Stranger Things with over 42.5 million streaming hours from May 30 - June 5. 

The Lincoln Lawyer drew nearly 65 million streaming hours the prior week. 

Meanwhile, Interceptor, which stars Elsa Pataky as an Army Captain trying to save the world from nuclear apocalypse, led the English-language film category with a very middling 35.6 million hour debut. 

(Image credit: Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

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