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Sports Illustrated Offers NYC Marathon in VR

Sports Illustrated and multimedia company Cyberlink have produced a 3-minute virtual reality experience of the New York City Marathon, equipping a 10-time runner with a stabilization rig and Samsung Gear 360 camera to record from a first-person perspective.

The video, 26.2 in 360, is available on Time’s Life VR app for iOS and Android, and as a 360-degree video via Sports Illustrated is a Time-owned company.

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“With the launch of 26.2 in 360, we’re able to not only take our viewers on a journey that many will never otherwise take, but we are particularly excited about the timeliness of offering this experience,” said Mia Tramz, managing editor of Life VR, in a statement. “This year’s world-famous NYC marathon took place just a day ago, and by collaborating with the talented teams at Sports Illustrated and CyberLink, we’re thrilled to be able to offer this to our viewers the morning after the race.”

Shot during the Nov. 6 marathon, the video was shot by runner Alex Christison, who was running the five-boroughs race for the 10th time. The VR video is just the latest in a string of experiences Time has produced for the VR app, including Defying the Nazis, Fast Ride and Capturing Everest.

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"Each year millions cheer from the sidelines and tune in to watch the runners of the NYC Marathon, but with technology advancing as fast as the marathon’s participation, we wanted to create a method to allow viewers to experience the Marathon firsthand, as a runner,” said Richard Carriere, senior VP of global marketing for CyberLink. “We looked to Sports Illustrated as the natural partners in this space, and with Time Inc.’s Life VR pushing the envelope in offering new and immersive experiences to the masses, this collaboration was the perfect fit.”