Sling TV Launches Referral Program

Looking to expand its subscriber base, Sling TV has launched a refer-a-friend program that gives both parties a total of $15 back -- $5 off their respective Sling TV subscriptions for three months.

Sling TV customers can take advantage of the program by accessing their accounts and clicking the “Get $15” button to send the referral by email or use a unique link to share it on social media channels or through a text message.

Following a seven-day free trial for the referred subscriber, the $5 discount is then applied to the Sling TV bills of the referrer and to the referred customer for the following three months.

Dish Network-owned Sling TV said one $5 discount is applicable per monthly billing cycle for up to 12 months, and multiple discounts can’t be combined within the same billing cycle.

Sling TV, launched in February 2015, ended 2017 with 2.2 million subscribers.

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