Shonda Rhimes Just Delivered Over 1.3 Billion Hours of Streaming in Just Two Months - Netflix Global Top 10

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Here at Next TV, we take a point, and we beat it into the ground until everyone is sick of hearing about it. But stay with us on this one. This is entertainment history unfolding before our eyes here. 

With Season 2 of her hit Netflix series Bridgerton capturing nearly 115.8 million viewing hours for the week of April 4-10, and now set to break Netflix's English-series debut mark set last year by season one of the show, it's time to consider creator/producer Shonda Rhimes just might be on the greatest roll in the history of video entertainment. 

Consider the following:

• Since its Feb. 11 debut through April 10, Rhimes' limited series focused on real-life high-society grifter Anna Delvey, Inventing Anna, accumulated 640.87 million hours of streaming on Netflix's global platform. 

• Debuting March 25, Season 2 of Bridgerton has grabbed 560.51 million total viewing hours and will with 99.9% certainty — only because absolute certainty freaks you people out — break the Netflix record for viewing hours by an English-language series up to 28 days after release, 625.49 million, set by Season 1 of Bridgerton last year. 

• Season 1 of Bridgerton resurfaced in Netflix's weekly “Global Top 10” ranker the week Season 2 premiered, March 21-27, drawing 32.28 million viewing hours. It has now added 121.06 million streaming hours to its lofty lifetime totals. 

Add the combined performance of Bridgerton from March 25-April 10, along with total Inventing Anna numbers from Feb. 11-April 10, and you get 1.322 billion hours of watching. 

And that's leaving some Rhimes numbers on the table. For example, her seminal, long-running ABC series, Grey's Anatomy, repeats of which are available on Netflix, doesn't surface on Netflix's Global Top 10 ranker. But it does typically show up in Nielsen's top 10 rankings of off-network streaming shows. 

In other Netflix Global Top 10 news, Ryan Reynolds film The Adam Project held onto No. 2 for the week of April 4-10, adding another 10.9 million hours to its totals. 

Through its first 28 days on Netflix, the action comedy film accumulated more than 233 million viewing hours globally, making it the fourth most popular English-language film on Netflix of all time. ▪️

(Image credit: Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)
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