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SCTE Preps ‘Energy 2020’ Focus for Cable-Tec Expo

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SCTE/ISBE said it will offer a mix of exhibits, a special session, tours and workshops dedicated to its Energy 2020 initiative at the 2016 Cable-Tec Expo, set to run Sept. 26-29 in Philadelphia.

SCTE and its membership outlined the goals of Energy 2020 in 2014, highlighting a plan to reduce energy costs and energy consumption by the end of the decade using a range of best practices, new technologies, and standards, including the Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification (APSIS/SCTE 216 2015)), an open-source effort aimed at reducing power consumption in next-gen network equipment.

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Here’s a sampling of Energy 2020-facing elements on the agenda:

--Two exhibits on the show’s Innovation Avenue area – one by Technetix and another by Liberty Global and Ericsson – showcasing how cable system operators can reduce unnecessary power consumption in the headend and in the network, in conjunction with the principles of SCTE/ISBE’s APSIS standard.

--A 90-minute Energy 2020 special session (Sept. 27, 11-12:30 p.m. ET) featuring  insight from Comcast, Liberty Global and suppliers such as Alpha Technologies, Arris, EnerNOC and VMware. The session will also unveil a new Energy Chapter Engagement Program for SCTE/ISBE chapters, and present an update on new energy management standards.

--An Energy 2020 Lab that will feature hands-on solutions from such vendors as EnerNOC, Villanova University’s NSF Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems, QuantaCool Corporation that are designed to change the way facilities or networks consume power.

--Energy 2020-themed workshops that will include presentations Charter, Comcast and Liberty Global, as well as strategies on reducing energy usage, particularly in headends, hubs and networks.

--An Energy 2020 Tour that will showcase energy efficient products and services -- from Alpha Technologies, Arris, Cable Technologies International, CableLabs, Eltek, Nokia, Technetix, Tempest Telecom Solutions and WES. One participant will get an opportunity to win the grand prize from Alpha— an Apple iPad Mini 4 and a $500 Gift Card; and for their company, 10% or up to $10,000 off a 30kW PV System.

“Energy 2020 rapidly is bearing fruit by spawning new approaches to energy management for our industry,” Chris Bastian, senior vice president and CTO of SCTE/ISBE, said in a statement.  “The exhibits and discussions on the Cable-Tec Expo agenda represent next-generation thinking that will help cable to exert increased control over energy costs and consumption in the future.”