SCTE/ISBE, Villanova Connect on Energy Management

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and its global arm, the International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE), said they are expanding the resource base for the cable industry’s energy management activities by joining Villanova University’s RISE Forum. 

RISE (Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering) is dedicated to advancing the sustainable enterprise through engineering and is the industry consortium of the College of Engineering’s graduate program in Sustainable Engineering.

SCTE/ISBE said the mission of RISE aligns with the goals of Energy 2020, a cable industry initiative that has identified targets that include a 20% reduction of power consumption on a unit basis, a 25% reduction in energy costs on a unit basis, a 10% reduction of grid dependency and an optimization of technical facility and data center footprints by 20%. 

Through RISE, SCTE/ISBE and members of the Energy 2020 program will work together with faculty and graduate students from Villanova’s graduate program in Sustainable Engineering. 

They said a  team of graduate students from Villanova is making a formal presentation today (May 3) at an SCTE/ISBE Energy 2020 Plenary Session at Time Warner Cable in Herndon, Va., in which it will lay out the first phase of their benchmarking analysis. 

“Energy 2020 is an enormous effort that requires changes in technology and institutional thinking across the entire cable telecommunications industry,” said Chris Bastian, senior vice president and CTO of SCTE/ISBE, in a statement. “The RISE program’s head start in sustainable engineering and the collective knowledge of the RISE Forum membership will provide us with an entirely new set of resources that can help us drive energy planning and achieve our goals on schedule.”

“As the leading applied-science organization in the cable telecommunications industry, SCTE/ISBE is driving thought leadership for some of the largest communications and entertainment companies in the world,” added Keith Argue, Villanova College of Engineering Assistant Dean of External Relations. “Our partnership with SCTE/ISBE provides both the College and the University relationship-building opportunities with an entire sector of the economy that we were not exposed to previously.”