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Revolt TV to Develop Live Weekly News Show

Revolt TV Thursday will launch a live news show focused on the COVID-19 virus’ impact on African American communities.

The Revolt Black News show will feature conversations with experts, artists, and elected officials discussing COVID-19’s impact on the black community, with key topics including health and nutrition, personal finances, income inequality, mass incarceration, access to education, and more, said network officials. Each 90-minute episode will also stream on Revolt’s YouTube page.

Thursday’s series premiere will feature Congresswoman Maxine Waters, said the network.

Revolt Black News comes on the heels of the network’s April 9 coronavirus-themed Town Hall event, which the network reported drew 4.6 million views across all social platforms, with more than 40 million impressions and 83,000 comments across all social platforms.

“The mission at Revolt is to consistently and unapologetically serve our core Gen Hip Hop audience,” said Revolt CEO, Roma Khanna. “With this show we hope to provide a platform for timely and important information and idea exchange from respected voices in the community - intended to inform and uplift our audience during these challenging times."