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OWN Offers Teaser Video for 'David Makes Man' Second Season

OWN's 'David Makes Man'
OWN's 'David Makes Man' (Image credit: OWN )

OWN has released a first-look trailer for the second season of its original drama series David Makes Man, premiering June 22. 

The series -- which in its first season followed David, a 14-year old prodigy torn between the potential of higher education and the reality of life on the streets -- in season two finds David in his 30s as a rising businessman facing an opportunity that  forces him to choose between the instincts that helped him survive or finding a new way to truly live, according to OWN. 

The series stars Kwame Patterson, Arlen Escarpeta, Akili McDowell, Alana Arenas, Travis Coles and Cayden K. Williams.