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NewFronts 2016: Whistle Sports Touts Shows, Talent, Partnerships

New York – The NewFront event staged this morning by Whistle Sports, home to millennial-appealing sports stars including trick-shot experts Dude Perfect and to this pre-Super Bowl 50 stunt where Joe Montana re-creates "The Catch" by passing a football from an airplane to a team of skydivers, kicked off with a brass band and soon featured a plea to help fitness-video producers B.U.F.F. Dudes surpass 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

By that afternoon, the Dudes (brothers Hudson and Brandon White) had in fact topped 1 million subscribers, which was cause to celebrate with a Facebook live event, Whistle Sports executive VP Brian Selander said later.  

At the NewFront event in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, Selander and other Whistle Sports executives cited various milestones as signs of growth since the company's first NewFront a year ago. Among those were 2016 partnerships with "linear" TV companies NBC, Tegna and Sky.

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