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Narad Scoops Up Two Patents

Narad Networks is the proud owner of two new patents covering Ethernet data traffic flowing on fiber and coaxial links.

The company -- which specializes in systems that can boost existing cable networks’ available bandwidth beyond the typical 750-megahertz range -- now lays claim to a total of five patents for its technology. The latest patents cover switching Ethernet over the hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network.

"The latest Narad patents for switched Ethernet over hybrid fiber-coaxial cable systems are among the most important since the invention of Ethernet 33 years ago," said Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet and investor in Narad through Polaris Venture Partners.

"Narad’s technology extends the scope of carrier Ethernet into the access network to complete the connection to Ethernet-based customer-premises equipment,” he added.

Recently, the Westford, Mass.-based company also announced a new fiber-to-the-curb scheme that can pump 1 gigabit per second or 10 gbps over fiber links, depending on configuration.

Using switches at the point where the fiber meets coaxial lines and specialized modems, the system can deliver 100 megabits per second upstream and downstream into homes or businesses.