MTV Gives Two Views with Dual-Screen Content

MTV will give its multitasking audience a way to simultaneously watch select programs on two screens.

MTV Overdrive, the network’s broadband Internet portal, will start offering interactive live streaming-media shows linked to programs airing at the same time on the television channel and -- presuming the viewer has a computer in the same room as a TV -- it will allow them to watch both at the same time.

The dual-screen programming will start Aug. 31 when MTV airs the MTV Video Music Awards, and it will continue this fall with airings of afternoon series Total Request Live.

On their computer screens, viewers can see extended content including added in-depth interviews with celebrities and behind-the-scenes shots, even as the show airs live on their television sets.

"MTV is committed to offering our audience experiences that enhance the way they are consuming entertainment today -- both on-air and online simultaneously," MTV president Christina Norman said. "Today's announcement is an example of a true multiplatform execution that will guide our audience between these screens and set the bar for the industry."