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Motorola Takes SIP with VoIP Modem

Motorola will provide cable customers with a taste of the newer telecommunications technologies with its rollout of a voice-over-Internet-protocol modem based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

SIP has become a de facto standard for newer IP-communications services ranging from IP messaging to Internet telephony and hybrid cellular-Wi-Fi phone services now on the horizon.

Available toward the end of this year, the new SIP-based Motorola SBV5100-series modems will therefore offer cable operators a greater choice for applications they can layer on top of their high-speed-Internet and voice services, according to Motorola.

It also will provide a simpler migration path toward PacketCable 2.0, a draft specification under development at Cable Television Laboratories that incorporates SIP and offers a wider range of voice and multimedia functions.

"Operators around the world are already making the move toward SIP-based products," said Charles Dougherty, corporate vice president of Motorola’s Connected Home Solutions business. "By providing a voice-enabled cable modem with the SIP protocol, Motorola enables cable operators to not only expand their offerings with voice today, but to lay the foundation for new feature-rich voice and multimedia services, such as fixed-mobile convergence.”

Among other features, the SBV5100 supports multifunction primary VoIP telephone service for as many as two telephone lines. Also a cable modem, it connects to the computer using either a 10/100Base-T Ethernet or a universal-serial-bus data port, and it can allow simultaneous use of voice and data lines.