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More Comcast X1 Lab Features Make the Grade

Comcast said another batch of features tested by its labs group have “graduated” to its commercially deployed X1 platform.  

Those new features included enhanced text readability (a setting that deepens the contrast and increases the font size in the X1 guide), a row below the guide keyboard that features a customer’s recent searches, a manage reminders feature that complements an element that lets subs managed scheduled recordings, and a customizable sports recording component that, for example, lets a viewer only record live games of a favorite team.

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All sports team pages on X1 also include a “Watch” option when a live event is airing.

“It’s almost been three years since we launched Comcast Labs on X1, our Technology and Product team’s ‘sandbox" to test new features of the platform before they go live,” Peter Nush, VP of product management at Comcast, explained in this blog post. “In that time, 12 features have graduated from Labs to become permanent fixtures in the experience and today we’re adding a few more...”

About 52% of Comcast's 21.52 million residential video subs are on X1. The company expects to push X1 penetration to the low 60% range by year-end.