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Mobile Grows to More Than 50% of VOD Starts: Report

More than half of all global video-on-demand starts take place on mobile devices, according to a new report from Ooyala.

In its Q4 Global Video Index report, Ooyala said mobile viewing now makes up 54% of global video plays, up from 46% a year ago. The company expects video plays to account for 60% in the near future.

In terms of ad-supported video on demand, 56% take place on mobile devices. Mobile has its lowest share in North America, where it represents less than 50% of video starts, more than 10% lower than the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

The largest share of global on-demand viewing, 45%, takes place on smartphones, with desktops representing 44% and tablets 11%. In North America, viewers watch more long-form video than either short-form or mid-form.

Ooyala also found that more than 47% of the time spent watching videos on smart phones was spent watching long-form content. Snackable, short-form content represented just 40% of time spent watching on mobile devices.