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Metrological Scores with Comcast and Liberty Global

Metrological said Liberty Global and Comcast will tap into new, open-source browser enhancements designed to provide a performance boost to IP-based services and apps for set-tops that rely on the Reference  Design Kit (RDK) software stack.

Additionally, Metrological said it will contribute the new browser elements, which enable the rendering of HTML5 apps and user interfaces for set-tops, to the RDK, a  preintegrated software stack for IP-only and hybrid QAM/IP devices being managed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Liberty Global.

The new software will improve browser performance, with a smaller software footprint and less memory usage, Metrological said, noting that it relies on WebKit and Wayland components to render UIs and to provide better windows management to control multiple applications and resources.

Liberty Global, which uses an earlier version of Metrological’s browser, will upgrade to the new enhancements for its RDK-based Horizon TV platform. Comcast plans to trial the STB browser software enhancements for use on its RDK-based X1 platform later this year.

 “At Liberty Global we set out to optimize the browser to deliver a high performance consumer experience with support for rich UIs and HTML5 apps on Horizon TV,” said Balan Nair, Liberty Global’s EVP and CTO, in a statement. “This browser capability will enable us to more easily customize user experiences and offer high performance TV services, such as our integrated app experience based on the Metrological Application Platform, to our customers in ways that weren’t previously possible.”

“I am very excited to incorporate the open source enhancements Metrological has made to Webkit,” added Sree Kotay, Comcast Cable’s EVP and chief software architect. “With these enhancements for the RDK, we hope to see HTML5 experiences with the visual fidelity and graphics performance normally reserved for native apps. Under the hood, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our X1 Entertainment Operating System, and we believe Metrological’s contribution will have significant impact.”

RDK Management LLC, the RDK joint venture, and Metrological introduced the RDK App Emulator in April.