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Metrological Amps Up RDK App Support

Video software and TV apps specialist Metrological said its RDK App Emulator has tested and certified more than 250 apps for set-tops and other devices that run the Reference Design Kit, the preintegrated software stack for hybrid and IP-only boxes and gateways being managed by Comcast, Liberty Global and Time Warner Cable.

RDK Management LLC, the RDK joint venture, and Metrological introduced the RDK App Emulator in April. Metrological combined its application framework with the RDK to create the app emulator, which enables developers to prototype, create and test RDK apps remotely on a laptop without the need for a physical RDK device or set-top box. 

Al Jazeera and Euroenews are among the content developers that have downloaded Metrological’s RDK App Emulator. 

Certification means those apps are deemed deployment-ready for the RDK platform.

Update: A Metrological official said that apps that have been certified for RDK span gaming, weather, social media and news, and include YouTube and Facebook. 

“It has been extremely valuable to affirm that apps are running smoothly on the RDK set-top box software stack without needing modifications or adjustments,” said Albert Dahan, co-founder and CTO of Metrological, in a statement. “We are very pleased to offer this testing tool to the video development community. Open technologies like the RDK, are changing the pace of innovation, opening up development of video services to any developer at web deployment speed.”